Shield Associates (SA) is a boutique law firm located in a serene and business friendly environment at the Kigali Heights Complex right across the Kigali Convention Centre. It is guaranteed to provide clients the best access and ambience for business deals. We are incorporated in Rwanda to provide excellent legal services to a diverse range of clients in various legal spheres as outlined below. Our strength stems from the outstanding resourcefulness of eight dedicated legal minds and from being the sole Rwanda-based member firm of Mackrell International, one of the world’s largest international networks of independent law firms with over 4,500 lawyers and 170 offices in 60 countries. This network enables us to provide clients with seamless legal services at home and abroad. Our comprehensive range of legal services helps you to reach your transaction goals quickly, efficiently and with added value. We are the preferred firm for complex transactions that require the highest level of intellectual ability and tenacity. We help to convert strategic vision into reality and support deals to run smoothly. Our services are business driven and practical by seeking solutions that can provide flexibility, choices, and best deals for our clients. The firm ensures that all its lawyers participate in continuing capacity enhancement programs of the Rwanda Bar Association, the Institute for Legal Practice and Development, and the East African Law Society for their continuous legal education and exposure to the latest trends in industry and legal support services.

Our vision is of an excellent solution-focused firm that is a beacon of justice, swift results and reliable advice to its clients. We seek to promote equitable access to justice and best practices in the provision of legal services while plugged into regional and international legal networks for synergy in excellent service delivery.

Our goal is to infuse our skills and passion with clients’ interests to negotiate business deals with confidence.  Client collaboration, consummation of deals and resolving disputes and compliance with the law are the reasons we exist as a legal firm. We strive to anticipate issues, forecast risks and outcomes of decisions and determine the future impact of our clients’ decisions or their partners, including the prospect of litigation. We attempt to anticipate the risk of costs to our clients and balance those costs with the effectiveness of taking a particular action. We find that providing this analysis to clients, and keeping them informed and up-to-date on all relevant matters, allow us to provide reasoned advice to help our clients make informed decisions to minimize risk incidence or eliminate it altogether. Our business model is grounded in the following fundamental principles that define who we are as a firm.


Honesty is the single highest priority in our partnership with clients. We believe that open and honest communication is the best foundation for any relationship. As lawyers, it is our sworn duty to act in the best interest of clients within the bounds of the law. This comes in the form of guidance, consultation, courtroom representation and education. We put forward the complete and honest truth to our clients backed by honest assessment at all times. With a track record of successful business transactions and litigation in Rwanda and the region, Shield Associates is the firm of your choice.

Nobody is perfect but a team can be. We exploit the innovation, tenacity and passion that collaboration creates. Our team capitalizes on the enriching work atmosphere that generates better results for our clients. We work with our clients as one team with full dedication towards providing lasting results. Clients have the right to access the entirety of our knowledgeable staff. They have the right to be treated with the highest level of respect, confidentiality, honesty, and compassion.

We always strive to be the best in everything we do. We strive to improve performance continually and always emphasize the importance of quality and productivity. Our lawyers engage in continuous legal education to keep them abreast with emerging innovations and cutting edge- knowledge in line with the fast-paced world we live in now

In an ever-changing environment where the needs of our clients and our business are always in flux, new ideas and methods of work define who we are. Improving legal services and building competitive advantage through innovation is a focus of Shield Associates. The multifaceted client requirements, the types of issues and the lawyers themselves are all demanding a constant shake up of the way legal services are delivered. We believe that change is crucial if we are to build and maintain a competitive edge against best of class firms!