OUR TEAMIsaac Ndahiro


Senior Partner


Isaac is an all-round business transactional lawyer focusing on helping businesses achieve their goals in diverse transactions especially negotiating and drafting contracts, structuring PPPs, procurement, buy & sell due diligence, debt and equity commitments, share and asset purchasing arrangements, investment and shareholders agreements, joint venture agreements, financing, service level agreements, licensing and compliance matters and other inter-business arrangements. He assists both local and international clients with the negotiation and drafting of all forms of transactional documents. He is particularly adept at-risk scoping, and legal counsel and arrangements on complex transactions.

He particularly has skills in leading pre-closing negotiations and engaging with high-level policy and market leaders to close deals. He previously worked as an expert for the United Nations and technical advisor on procurement reforms among 19 member states of the Common Market for East and Southern Africa (COMESA).

He has expert level knowledge in arbitration and often lectures postgraduate law students preparing for their bar course examinations at the Institute of Legal Practice and Development (ILPD).

Isaac obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from Cavendish University in Zambia, a Master of Science in Economic Management and Finance from Birmingham University in the UK and BA in political science and public administration from Makerere University.